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About Us

BTI Inc has been in the machining & metal working trade since 1967. We specialize in structural fabrication and CNC machining using the latest technology, such as CNC twin turret lathes with live tooling attachments. Our CNC milling machines are capable of producing 3  & 4 axis parts with great precision. We use the latest CNC programming software from SURFCAM VELOCITY CAD/CAM and SolidWorks. We have a fully equipped manufacturing facility that can accommodate jobs from small parts to large structural projects. Our staff is skilled at converting your sketch, drawing, or plan into a quality machined part.



Personalized Approach

Fabrication at BTI is done with maticulous attention to detail. Our welders are certified and masters in the trade. Trained to hold the tightest tolerances expected in the industry. Welded assemblies are aligned with precision machined locating features to ensure proper alignment when permitted for ease of accuracy.

Excellence and Professionalism 

Being ISO Certified means steps are taken to ensure professionalism, organization and a safe work environment. We strive to satisfy our clients with quality, precision and prompt, on time delivery.

Computer Aided Drawings and Machining

We have the latest versions of Solidworks and Surfcam to insure our designs and machining are using the latest technologies to be as effecient as possible. We've had CAD/CAM experience and certified training since 1991.

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